(<-- Click on the title) Thunder and Rain is one of the main bands I have been playing with. We play a blend of bluegrass, alternative country, and write/arrange much of our own material. Over the past three years we have been performing around the Rocky Mountain region, playing festivals, venues, house concerts, campfires, and more. We've reached as far as the LA area, Seattle, Vancouver Island, Houston, the Midwest, and are touring Ireland late spring, 2017. Our new album will be released this upcoming fall.

Jason Heath's Contra-bass Convers-ations

For any style of bassist, any level of playing or interest, professional or not, I highly recommend listening to Jason Heath's Contrabass Conversations podcast series. He interviews a wide range of bass players from all genres. I have been listening to these podcasts a lot lately. They are inspiring, extremely interesting, and will fuel your inner bass-nerd. There are literally hundreds of podcasts and are all worth listening to. Even if you are just a bass enthusiast, these are worth giving a listen.